I remember reading sometime ago that when Pablo Picasso was asked how long did it take to do a particular art piece, he responded, “all my life”.  This sentiment is particularly evident in my current series.

In this series, “Visual Moments”, I am trying to capture a visual glimpse of an image that caught my attention, made me pause for a brief moment and then became my personal reminder of a specific place in time.

I knew I wanted to use maps from these places in my series.  The maps would provide the viewer a context for each image. 

I chose not to draw directly on the maps.  Besides not liking the paper quality for rendering, I wanted the visual imagery to have strong contrast and clean edges.  This became important, as a moment remembered does not always include detailed accuracy rather a  recollection.

As I was working out the ideas of these pieces, I became fascinated with how I can no longer separate the fine artist from the designer in my work. The maps were cut and pasted to go around the hand drawn imagery done in black. Due to the contrast of the drawing with the soft negative space of the map the result takes on a design quality while maintaining the line quality of rendering.


Birch Tree #5.jpg